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Black Fly Challenge B&B

We are delighted to present an exciting weekend for participants and spectators of the annual Black Fly Challenge in Inlet, NY . . . although given all of the activities and options we'll be offering (see below), perhaps we should call this our B&B&B&B&B&B&B&B !   Start the weekend with a delightful dinner cruise aboard the WW Durant on Raquette Lake, followed by a weekend of festivities including a band and BBQ Saturday night to celebrate your successful race! Transportation to and from the Black Fly Challenge will be available to race participants.  Read more about this event! 

As part of our sponsorship of this year's Black Fly Challenge, we are pleased to offer BFC participants the entire weekend package for a discounted rate. Your participant Racer Registration ID# is requested for the discount weekend stay.   

$279 per adult, $139.50 per child for the entire weekend or $249 per adult with your racer registration ID number. To register for the race, visit the official BFC website at


Please call us at 315-354-5311 for more information and to register.

  • Boat: Start the weekend with a special dinner cruise aboard the W.W. Durant. Chef Jim Pohl will prepare a special pre-race dinner for BFC competitors and their guests, one designed to provide riders with just the right mix of lean protein, fats and carbs to give you a leg up on your competitors at the next day's Black Fly Challenge. 
  • Bed: After dinner, head to Camp Sagamore for a peaceful night's sleep in one of our National Historic Landmark lodges. Nestled on the shore of a small wilderness lake, Sagamore is an ideal location to rest and relax, a place to escape the distractions and noise of anything other than loons, owls and coyotes.  
  • Breakfast: Begin your race-day morning with an early breakfast designed to provide you with the energy you'll need during the BFC itself.  Breakfast options will include cereals, oatmeal, bagels, muffins, jams and jellies and fresh fruit, along with juice, milk and coffee.   We'll start breakfast early enough to give racers enough time to eat without having to rush to Inlet for the start of the race.  
  • Bike Race:  After breakfast, head down to Inlet, where the 2016 BFC begins.  Sagamore is conveniently located on route 28 between Inlet (14 miles) and Indian Lake (28 miles), making it easier for BFC participants to access both the start and finish lines of the race.  This year, Sagamore is pleased to offer transportation to and/or from the event for participants and their bikes. Those traveling alone or with other riders can simply leave their cars back at Sagamore and let us take care of getting you to and from the BFC.
  • Band, Beer & BBQ:  Once the race festivities are over, return to Sagamore to celebrate your successful completion of the Black Fly Challenge.  Back in camp, we'll have a good, old-fashioned, outdoor BBQ, complete with complimentary beer provided by the Adirondack Brewery in Lake George.  While you eat and drink, be merry, listening to the music of Day Ja Voo, a Central NY band specializing in classic 60s and 70s covers.    
  • Bed & Brunch:  On Sunday morning, after another restful night at Sagamore, learn about the history of this important piece of Adirondack culture through an examination of camp during our annual Community Day tour. Before or after your tour, enjoy a scrumptious brunch back in the Sagamore Dining Hall. Check-out is by noon.