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Introduction to Cemeteries, Materials and Care (ends July 31)

For many people, cemeteries are sacred sites, locations that not only provide spiritual comfort for both the living and the deceased, but also help communities maintain connections with their collective cultural history.  Over time, however, many small cemeteries fall into disrepair and decay, as loved ones move on and communities grow.  For its part, New York State is home to thousands of neglected or abandoned cemeteries, many of which are technically the responsibility of their surrounding communities.  

Over the past decade or so, many individuals in these same communities have come to recognize the value of abandoned cemeteries, and their important role in honoring the deceased and preserving local history.  What they lack, however, are the tools -- legal, instructional and physical -- to help them in their efforts to restore these important places.

To address this need, Great Camp Sagamore is pleased to offer a special two-day program which will not only help you to determine whether and how to restore a neglected local cemetery, but will also provide instruction on how to physically restore gravestones and monuments properly.

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